Board of Directors

Position Name Email Commitee Chair
President Mr. Ron Wesley  
Vice President Mr. Dave Brinkmann  
Secretary Ms. Mary Lee Both-Hetland  
Treasurer Mr. Mike Laituri  
Chair Mr. Chris Miller   Net Pens
Co-Chair Mr. Angelo Trentadue   Net Pens
Chair Mr. Ron Wesley Data Buoy
Chair Mr Rj Van Swol SU Open
Co-Chair Mr. Andy Glass SU Open
Chair Mr. Andy Glass SU Jackpot Series
Chair Mr. Bob Weidman Grants and Scholorships
Chair Mr. Jeff Kingsfield SU Clothing and apparel
Chair Mrs. Monica Makutz Membership
Chair Mr. Jim La Fortune Salmon-a-Rama Chair
Co-Chair Mrs. Michelle Dawson  Salmon_A_Rama 
Director Mrs. Michelle Dawson   
Director Mr. Jeff Kingsfield  
Director Mrs. Monica Makutz  
Director Mr. Don Lunsford  
Director Mr Mike Yankech   
Director Mr. Bob Weidman  
Director Mr. Andy Glass  
Director Mr. R.J. Guarascio  
Director Mr. RJ VanSwol  
Director Mr. Jim La Fortune  
Director Ms. Mary Lee Both-Hetland  
Webmaster Mr. Josh Hetland